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A Full Service Residential Moving Company

An indescribable sense of pride meets us each day when we set out on moves, delivers and disposals. When leadership and teamwork are combined with experience and a professional attitude – you get Thanks For The Help.  We are the highest rated moving company in the State Of Arizona and possibly the entire Southwest.

Moving you to your new home

To safely and efficiently move your belongings, we develop a carefully coordinated plan.  After we provide a quote and set a date, we’ll arrive with a team of professional movers that can do the packing and wrapping for you or we can move your packed belongings.  Moving pads, cushions, pillows, blankets and tie-downs allow us to ensure that no damage occurs during the move. 


Option 1

Let us do the packing for you.  Full kitchen packouts, trinkets, collectables, office items, bedroom sets.  This option requires very little, if any work for you with the exception of instruction on where to place your items in your new home.


Option 2

You pack the boxes and we’ll move ’em.  If you’d like to pack up your kitchen, closets, trinkets and the rest of your belongings in boxes, we’ll take care of the rest


Option 3

Bigs and Heavies Moves. You do all the packing and move the items that you can manage on your own. We’ll take care of things like your furniture, bedroom sets, appliances and whatever else you don’t feel like moving. 

Get an Estimate

Get a timely estimate at your convenience. In most cases, we can provide a same day quote for your move.


Plan Your Move

Once you’ve selected a move date, it’s time to prepare!  Need boxes? We sell those too!


Schedule Your Move

You can count on Thanks For The Help showing up on time and with the necessary equipment to get the job done!

What We Offer

Receive a custom quote on your upcoming move from the highest rated moving company in the State of Arizona.